Themes of diversity

A variety of events during the theme year 2013 dealt with Berlin’s diversity in the 1920s and 1930s in many different ways, but also with the destruction thereof. The open air portrait exhibition at the Lustgarten for example showed 240 personalities that characterised the urban diversity of the city. Their faces and biographies are almost forgotten today. Writers, musicians, actors, circus performers, boxers, doctors... Through expulsion, deportation and murder their lives but also the memories of them have been largely erased. We remember these personalities and their biographies.
The material we have assembled invites expanding one’s knowledge about this time and gaining a stronger idea of how it was. Further, it can be accessed in the city on the spot.
We have divided diversity into six subtopics for better handling. Under each category we suggest five biographies and present one in more detail. More biographies and more extensive material for the theme diversity and ‘diversity destroyed’ can be found on the website Moreover, we provide suggestions of educational programs offered by our project partners and we raffle off free participation for one class every week.

Diversity seen through these categories shows how much respect, solidarity, equality and comprehension of democracy is needed for preserving these values. Through looking back we can learn these values for today.


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